Friday, 20 May 2011

He "just didn't think" and my exclamation marks are out of control!!!

I like to eat blueberries for breakfast.

I have a whole punnet on 1 1/2 seeded wholegrain toasted bagels with cream cheese and really look forward to them each morning.
Even with the berries within date, I go through them one by one to make sure I won't be coming across any mouldy ones on my plate (Yuk!), wash them and then, yes, wait for this: divide them into 3 portions, putting them into 3 small plastic containers.
You might call this 'neurotic' (of course you would, then again, maybe you wouldn't, because you don't want to eat food that has gone off either).
I call it: 'Making sure I don't put something in my mouth that is going to make me throw it all up again and will put me off berries for life', and whilst I handle each berry anyway, I might as well split the amount into three equal portions so that my last half-bagel still has berries to go with it.
OK, maybe that last bit could be somewhat neurotic, but we all have our, sometimes inexplicable, preferences on what we do with our food, so there!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

TaDaaaaa... whilst slowly turning blue in the face...

He has been asking for years for me to reclaim the small seating area right outside our backdoor...

It used to have a wooden patio set, with next to it some big pots of chosen herbs I like to have close by for cooking.

The patio set was re-situated to the lawn, just in front of the old spot, as it had been a bit of a problem placing the parasol with it in such a way that it wasn't going to topple over the edge with every gust of wind, or to just not stand in the way and hit your head on it whilst trying to get past.
At least on the lawn that wasn't a problem, and we could use a screw-in holder so that the stand would not create dead patches in the grass.

The old spot became therefore another place to house things I wanted to keep a close eye on (seedlings, things that looked a bit poorly, etc.), to collect and display more herbs and to store Projects-To-Get-on-With.

It appeared that it wasn't supposed to be used for things like that and that he wanted to put another patio set back in that position, as walking to the lawn a few paces down seemed to be too much trouble.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My 5 Min Chuck-Out Therapy Session! The Beginning of Something Good...?

He said "...weirdo..." while he walked away leaving me to try and sort out a kitchen drawer he didn't like content nor arrangement of...

He is not allowed to call me names if they aren't nice... not ever... he has said them too often, too cruelly, too vindictively... And he knows.

He'd hurt my feelings deeply, again, and for no other reason than that he doesn't like that I can't throw things away he deems to be 'rubbish'.
But they are MY things and none of it is 'rubbish' if it has a purpose!
Even if it is a Someday Purpose...

I collect and save and hoard. I know.
It is supposed to be filling this emptiness, making up for something I'm missing, I am just not quite sure what it is, this thing I haven't got.
So I need to get... and keep... for Someday.
Anything... everything!