Thursday, 23 June 2011

He touched me... He made me cry... Finally... I see what I hide...

"Unleash my words
for they do flow
in streams of eyes I do not yet know.." 
Steve Thompson

Today I came across some Poetry Tweets from @dreamersteve_99.
Just reading through them, somehow, exposed deep buried feelings I have been trying to bring into words, to express what I hide inside.
They made me cry my pains...
These are those 10 poems that managed to move me so suddenly and intensely...

Your roses
they wept before you came in
what news have you
they have not already told me
thorns were meant for me..

And if your love was the only true one in the garden
wouldn't the rest have found a love worth growing for..

The curl of your hair
the way your eyes shine so blue
the fragrance you exude
each attack this lonesome heart..

In your warmth
the furtive desires seek higher ground
always seeking
to not drown in you..

In loving we find peace
even sometimes through our pain..

Have you showered me off yet
have you washed away the tears
can you wipe off what I meant to you
and go to work with that smile..

One bird sings alone
a song to brighten her day
so simple so complete
only singing for her no one else around
her bird now..

If we must walk this world
let's not walk alone
too many branches are already broken on that road..

Inside were deserts of her own choosing
sands of lovers past
just a sandstorm ago..

Could she leave the life of dark evil spaces behind
to grasp a light that has always burned her deep before
for a true heart..

With thanks, to  Steve Thompson 


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